Massage Therapy

“Massage therapy – it’s something most Americans don’t think about as part of their health and wellness routine. But that needs to change,” says Dr. Mehmet Oz. “Scientific and clinical research continue to support health benefits of massage therapy. And the overall role it can play in health and wellness.”

Why is this?

Whether from stress, diet or our daily life, we all can build up a number of sore spots or trigger points. These are highly sensitive bundles of muscle fiber. As muscles tense from trauma or stress, the body sends blood and other fluids to repair the damaged area.

Doctors claim as much as twenty percent of our blood supply, at any given time, is pooled in the soft tissues of the body. Massage has been proven to get this blood back into circulation. This is a large factor in improving your oxygen usage, and you can often feel the benefits immediately.

Massage sessions also help your body remove waste fluids from muscle tissue. Your body can often speed up this waste removal with extra water after your session. This is why therapists often advise you to drink a full glass of water after your massage.

It’s why many turn to massage to relieve nagging symptoms of waste buildup, including headache and nausea.

One of the most exciting findings in recent years is your body’s chemical response to massage. Studies show that your brain responds to massage by releasing opiate-like feel-good chemicals into your system. Not only does this reduce stress, but can also improve your sleep.

Of course some cancers and other diseases, as well as certain physical conditions require caution or even that you avoid massage. Be sure to check with your doctor. It also underscores the need for you to consult with licensed and trained massage professionals.

Athletes, entrepreneurs, leaders and regular people from all walks of life swear by it. And studies confirm your performance levels increase in direct proportion to the quality of the massage you get.

Whether you are looking for a feel good massage or want to improve your athletic performance, massage therapy may be just what the doctor ordered.

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