Full Body Massage – What Your Body Won’t Tell You, Until You Try This

Our world is go, go, go. Our body often ends up paying for this. We often know where hurts, but we don’t know why.

For example, maybe you get a warm, throbbing pain in your neck. Hard to ignore, right?

You ask the therapist to concentrate on just your neck.

However, your massage practitioner suggests a full body massage. You might think: “A full massage? How will that help? My neck hurts. Why not just work on my neck?”

As the knot in your shoulder melts, the neck pain eases away. Surprise! It was really your shoulder causing the problem all along.

Now grateful for the therapist’s suggestion, you ask, “Why did this knot in my shoulder make my neck hurt?”

A few questions reveal the answer. During your hour-long commute each day, you have a habit of resting your left elbow on the window ledge of your car. Over time, this posture aggravated the knot in your shoulder. All of this caused the neck pain.

Sure, not every session goes this way. Nonetheless, you might be amazed how many actually do. Pain in one area can often be caused by muscle tension in another part of the body.

If you want a full 60 (or 90) minutes spent on just that one spot in your lower back, why not go with your therapist’s suggestion for a full body massage? You just may be pleasantly surprised.

Not only that, massaging the whole body has many benefits. It helps you regain correct posture. Studies show it also boosts your ability to fight disease. It even helps melt away excess fat. Not to mention all that stress you’ve been carrying around.