Experience the Massage All difference

We are a group of autonomous massage professionals with a variety of training and experience to offer a well-rounded customized session just for you!

We have made it simple to schedule your massage with us. Either schedule by calling 303-950-2350 or book your massage online.

Booking your Session online

1. Which office would you like to visit?

2. What length of session are you looking for? 30, 60, 90 minutes?

All of our sessions are scheduled so that you can receive your FULL session time. You will notice a sixty minute session will block off 75 minutes on the therapist schedule. You will be able to discuss with your therapist how to customize your session.

3. Do you have a therapist preference? Or first available?

Search for your best appointment time, Check your email for a confirmation email

See it is that easy!

If you have NEVER had the privilege of enjoying a massage before, or it’s been a very long time, or you haven’t visited us before, we understand you may have a few more questions. We are here to help you be comfortable.