Skin Care

Everyone wishes for skin that is flawless. Many don’t believe they have the time to invest in a proper skincare routine, so they settle for covering the flaws with makeup. Makeup, of course, is only a “band aid” that doesn’t help the underlying issues.

Weather changes, aging, diet changes and lifestyle changes including stress can cause skin to change. Your skin can become dry or oily or sensitive, increase in acne, or a combination of all of those issues. So whether it’s a special celebration or just needing to get your skin feeling fresh and healthy, enjoy a relaxing and pampering facial.

Let our professional esthetician help you customize your facial today!

Each facial will be customized and recommended follow up treatments are specially designed for you utilizing carefully selected skincare formulas. Caring for your skin with the right products will reduce creating problems that advance the signs of aging.


Normal Skin
Treat Fine Lines
Sun Damaged Skin

Revitalizing – Renew

Sensitive Skin
Dry / Dehydrated Skin
Sun Damaged / Sun Burned Skin


Irritated Skin
Hormonal Issues


Acne Prone
Aging Skin

Customized Peel Treatments

Refine Pores
Even Skin Tones
Rehydrate Skin
Reduces Appearance of Sun Damage and Blemishes

Currently Skincare is available at the Westminster location