Relieve Stress Now: How to Give Yourself An Amazing Massage

Stress can do a number on your mind and body. Fortunately, there’s quick relief.

Of course, if you need more than a do-it-yourself session, talk to a trained massage therapist.

The great thing about the mini-massages you’ll learn below? They’re fast relief – and you can enjoy ’em anywhere.

Eyes, Head & Scalp

Place the heel of your palms under your hair on both sides of your head – near your temples, says Alice Sanvito, a therapist at Massage St. Louis.

Push the scalp up toward the ceiling, hold this for a few seconds, then release. Repeat, working your entire scalp.

A variation? Place your palms on your scalp over your ears. Press lightly and move the heel of your hand in a circle. Repeat on other parts of your scalp.

Draw little circles with your fingertips – across your hairline, cheeks, above your brows and where your jaw connects – says Jennifer Durkin, a massage therapist at Soothe Massage Therapy in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Press your thumbs up against the underside of the brow bone in the eye socket, adds Cynthia Ribeiro, president-elect of the American Massage Therapy Association.

Neck & Shoulders

“Slouching forward over a computer can make shoulder and neck muscles tight,” says personal trainer and yoga instructor Mindy Caplan.

What can you do about this?

Try dropping your shoulders so they’re not hunched up by your ears. Slowly lower your chin to your chest (this stretches your neck.) Now place two or three fingertips on the back of your neck, right where your shoulders and neck meet.

Press firmly then hold. Release when you feel the muscles start to relax. Roll your shoulder forward and back slowly. You can repeat this until the neck and shoulder stress goes away.


Massaging your hands can work wonders to relieve stress and tension throughout your body.

Hold one hand between the thumb and index finger of the other hand, then massage in a circular motion. Pay close attention to the knuckles and base of your hand. Finish by pulling gently on each finger, one at a time.

Variation: Take the thumb and forefinger of one hand and squeeze the part of your hand between your thumb and forefinger of the other hand. Massage this area and feel the tension melt away!

Lower Back

Put a tennis ball on the floor and lie on top of it. Or you can put the ball between your back and the wall.

Move your body slowly up and down, side to side so that the ball massages where your muscles are tight. (Don’t let the ball get on your spine area though.) Press hard enough to squeeze the ball a little – but not enough that you’re in pain. Just a few minutes – no more than this – or you could make things worse. But a few minutes should really help!


For those sore feet, slip off your shoes and press your foot down on that tennis ball (or you can use a golf ball too.)

Roll it back and forth. Applying firm pressure wherever it feels best.

Hey, you could do this underneath your desk at work and nobody would notice!

Recent Research…

…shows massage can improve sleep, normalize heart rate and blood pressure – with cost effective and lasting results.

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by Sarah Shropshire
LMT, Essential Oil Consultant and Business Owner