6 Foot Care Secrets: Treat Your Tired & Sore Feet Now!

Your feet take a beating. All day long.

What can you do about it?

Well first of all… can we help you get your feet feeling better?

But what if you’re travelling or away from professional foot help?

You might try one (or all) of these…

3 Soaks – Get Your Feet Feeling Great Fast!

  1. Open your favorite bottle of essential oil (such as lavender, peppermint or lemon) and put 2 or 3 drops into a basin or tub of water big enough for your feet. Soak for 20 minutes.
  2. Put your feet in ice water. For as long as you can stand it. (If you’re out hiking in the summer and you find a cold stream of water…that’s why this feels so good!) Towel dry or just let your feet dry in the sun. Give them a quick massage or just enjoy how much better they feel.
  3. Do you suffer from cracked heels? Try this vinegar and listerine soak. Really. It works! In a tub or basin big enough for your feet, add 1 cup Listerine, 1 cup white vinegar and 2 cups warm water. Don’t worry about covering your whole feet – this is just for the soles. Soak for 20 minutes and towel dry. Turkish towels work great here if you have one.

3 Great Foot Stretches

Most people wear shoes that are made to look good – but they don’t help your feet be healthier.

These sole-crushing shoes can wreak havoc on the 100-plus muscles, ligaments, and tendons in each ankle and foot.


Get your feet back into happy mode with these great foot stretches designed by Katy Bowman, a Los Angeles-based human-movement expert.

  1. Straight-Leg Stretch – Sit down on the floor facing a wall. Put your legs out straight and your feet flat against the wall. Sit on a pillow if this is more comfortable. Now bend forward as far as you can. This lengthens and stretches your calf muscles and hamstrings. You know, the muscles your shoes tightened up. But all better now!
  2. Toe Release – Stand up on your right foot. Hold onto something to keep your balance. Put your left foot behind you with your toes pointing at and touching the floor. Now gently push down a bit, curling your toes back and away from you. Feel the stretch all along the top of your foot. Hold this for a bit. Then switch feet.
  3. Five-Finger Toe Spread – Sit on a chair and cross your right leg over the other. (Rest your right ankle over your left thigh.) Weave the fingers of your left hand through the toes of your right foot. Gently separate your toes. Focus on spreading your toes a bit wider, not trying to pull them up or down. Hold this for a minute or two, then switch sides.

Take Time to Care for Your Feet

Go ahead. Do it. You might just be amazed how much better this makes you feel.

And look for our next article. We’ll talk about some powerful reasons why regular help from a massage therapist can make such a difference in your life.

by Sarah Shropshire