How Often Do You Need Massage to Relieve the Pain & Tension?

Ever experience this?

Only one, single massage session – and your pain and stress is gone. Relief, finally! …And it’s just amazing.

But then…

You go back to your normal daily life. And then the pain and tension creep back into your body.


You can’t be on the massage table all the time.

How often would it help to visit the therapist?

Why not schedule a visit and get some expert advice on this?

Just what does YOUR body need?

Here are a couple quick examples and answers – as well as some science to help you decide.

Neck and Back Pain

You know, the kind you get from sitting too much. And staring at your phone all day.

That’s YOU, right?

Most people’s posture creates stress problems.

Desk workers…beware!

It starts in the shoulders and neck. Then it progresses to your lower back and behind.

Fortunately, massage can counteract the imbalance caused by sitting too much.

Yay! You can keep your desk job.

…As long as you schedule a regular massage.

How regular?

The NCCIH (National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health)…one of those lengthy government agency acronyms…did a study.

And as you know, when the government does a study…they’re usually the last ones to catch on.

It’s usually a *duh* situation:

Everyone has already studied it. And found it to be true. For several years already.

Here’s What They Found

They took 228 neck pain sufferers and put them randomly into groups.

One group got put on a wait list. The “control” group.

One group got a 4-week course of 30-minute sessions, up to 3 times per week.

Another group got the same “dose” but the sessions were 60 minutes instead of 30.

Happy them, right?

The therapists used a wide range of techniques…but…were instructed NOT to give self-care advice.

This means the results ONLY came from the massage sessions.

What happened?

The benefits of the 30-minute sessions were not conclusive.


Those with the 60-minute sessions felt a LOT better (and the doctors said their neck function was a lot better too.)

In fact, the 60-minute people with 3 sessions a week were 5 times more likely to get relief.

Too much time and money, you say?

Well, it DOES prove a point.

And we might ask:

What if these people had only gotten SOME of those sessions…and added in self care…along with the follow up?

One thing’s for sure…regular massage sessions can REALLY help!

Arthritic Knee Pain

This one is really common too.

Osteoarthritis, a degenerative disease of the joints is, in fact, the most common type of arthritis – affecting approximately 27 million Americans.

Another study followed 125 of these osteoarthritis sufferers – who had arthritic knee pain.

One group in this study only used medicine and self care.

Other groups had 60-minute Swedish massage therapy sessions.

The results?

Only one 60-minute session per week was enough to give significant relief.

And after 8 weeks, therapy gave them “significant improvements in pain, function, and global response.”

What Is Complete Relief Worth To You?

After all the expensive pills – and even surgery – many people still don’t have any comfort from the pain.

With far less expense, others have gone the massage therapy route and gotten complete relief.

Will this work for you?

One thing’s for sure – our health is one of our most valuable assets.

What’s the best vacation or the most fulfilling life event – without it?

Some factors make massage more likely to help.

The best thing I can recommend is for you to talk to a massage therapist.

Talking to an experienced and honest therapist, you’ll find out how often a massage session is helpful for you.

And you’re far more likely to get the help you really need.

by Sarah Shropshire
LMT, Essential Oil Consultant and Business Owner