Be Powerful: Join the Movement to Stop Diabetes Now

Hey, did you know? November is National Diabetes Awareness Month.

Want to do something really great? Be part of the movement to stop diabetes.


First, take this quick quiz to find out your own risk.

Learn about diabetes.

Are you a man or woman? Have diabetic relatives? High blood pressure? What’s your race/ethnicity? Age? Are you physically active? What’s your height, weight?

What do all these things tell you? Did you take the quiz above? You’ll find out the answers.

You CAN lower your risk, manage the challenge and help your loved ones too. Tips below.

You’ll see why the next person you might want to see after your doctor is…your massage therapist.

But why talk to your doctor?

Every year two million American adults enter the doctors office and hear those terrible words: “You have diabetes.”

Whether this has happened to you or not…

Know the symptoms. Get tested. Not to diagnose yourself or be scared. No! It’s so you can literally save your life.

Some symptoms? Excessive sweating, faintness or headache, unable to awaken, spaced out tendencies (talking slowly, incoherent speech), irritability, personality change, rapid heartbeat.

But…don’t self diagnose. Or ignore any of these.

In fact, here are the 7 most dangerous words you could ever believe: “I’ll ignore this. Maybe it’ll go away.”

Most of the 86 million Americans who now have pre-diabetes…don’t know it yet.

But if they did know… Wow. Their life could be so much better!

And too many of the 29 million Americans who already have diabetes…let it go untreated.

Don’t let yourself get to that horrible place where you WISH you did something.

Even smart people can fall into this trap.

Like Mary Kathleen Rose. She’s a licensed massage therapist with a B.A. in integrative healing.

She paid little attention to the symptoms that went on for some time.

But by the time she got to the hospital, she was barely conscious. Diabetic ketoacidosis almost took her life.

Fortunately, Mary and her doctor had enough time to turn this around.

In 1987 she co-founded the Boulder Valley Diabetic Support Group, dedicated to education and support for diabetics and their families.

Okay, you’ve talked to your doctor already. And you’re diabetic (or prediabetic.) Why talk to a massage therapist?

All diabetics must normalize and maintain healthy blood glucose levels (80-120 mg/dl.)

How do you do that? By balancing nutrition, exercise, appropriate use of medications (insulin or oral medications), and managing stress.

So how can a massage therapist help you with these?


So many studies, such as this one at the University of Illinois at Chicago prove massage can increase circulation. Better circulation means more oxygen and nutrients get into your body cells. This means your cells use insulin better. And this means improving your diabetes condition.


Again, many studies prove massage helps you relax. If you’re diabetic, don’t underestimate the benefits of relaxing.

Diabetes can be stressful! Living with a debilitating disease, needing to daily self-medicate and monitor, as well as the burden diabetes puts on your body.

But massage releases feel-good hormones like endorphin. The nervous system calms. You have less stress hormones. And blood sugar levels move toward normal.

Myofascial Benefits

Insulin you inject is not exactly like insulin your body makes. But it keeps you alive. Diabetes also means higher blood sugar levels. Both of these factors can thicken connective tissue. This means you could have stiff muscles and have less mobility.

But massage increases your mobility and helps body tissue be more elastic and stretch easier. A good massage therapist can also help you develop your own exercise and stretching regimen – which has huge benefits.

How can I help? Call me at 303-920-2350 with any questions, concerns or to find out how massage can make life better for you.

by Sarah Shropshire
LMT, Essential Oil Consultant and Business Owner