Smash Stress & Feel Amazing: National Massage Awareness Week Is Here!

Oh really? What’s the big deal? Isn’t massage just a high priced luxury pampering thing?

If you (or someone you know) ever felt this way, here’s a week dedicated to completely change your mind (and your life) for good!

We all know how stress feels…

Working, driving, shopping, cooking, cleaning, repairing, caring for family, exercising to stay healthy. Not enough time in the day.

Whew! And you could probably add a few things to this list too, right?

What about those stress “emergencies”? You know, those times when a family member gets injured. Or there’s a crisis at work that takes all your time.

No wonder we all need some relief!

Maybe you’ve heard that massage is an absolutely awesome stress reliever.

Experts emphatically agree…

The Touch Research Institute (TRI) of the Miami University School of Medicine has completed over a hundred scientific studies on the effects of massage and touch.

The mountain of proof is growing. Massage reduces stress hormones and lowers blood pressure in hypertensive people. It also removes depression and hostility.

Think this would also be good for those “tough guys” who aren’t supposed to complain about anything?

Oh yeah!

Massage gives you the ability to relax on demand.

Some of us go through life with muscles so tense, we don’t even know how to relax.

Massage is super powerful here, because it teaches you what being relaxed FEELS like.

You learn how to relax even when you’re not in the massage chair. Even when you wake up stressed in the middle of the night.

No matter who you are or what you do in work and life… you need massage!

Whether you’re an athlete or an office worker – massage heals, improves blood flow, rebalances overworked muscles and improves range of motion.

You simply work and live better when your body and mind are relaxed and refreshed.

October 23-29, 2016 is the 20th anniversary from when the American Massage Therapy Association first promoted this truth.

National Massage Awareness Week is an opportunity, a reminder, each year to improve your life.

With the demands of modern life, many of us live on the verge of burnout.

Chronically tense muscles can dull the awareness of pain, fooling us into thinking we’re strong enough to “take it.”

But this tension blocks energy, reduces blood flow and muscle function…finally leading to pain and injury.

This tension is actually a warning, an alarm, signalling that your body (and perhaps lifestyle) …need some attention, some changes.

Maybe it sounds a little “woo woo” to relax and increase your self awareness – but you just may find this is exactly what the doctor orders.

Massage is absolutely one of the best ways to relieve tension, prevent pain and tune into the state of your body and mind.

How can I help? Call me at 303-920-2350 with any questions, concerns or to find out how massage can help relieve stress for you.

by Sarah Shropshire
LMT, Essential Oil Consultant and Business Owner