Neck & Back Tension? Try These Great Stretches

Pain and tension in your neck or back?

If you’re near the clinic here, by all means…talk to a therapist about neck & back tension/pain relief.

But if you’re on the road, in the air or on the trail – try these pain/stress-relieving stretches on the go.

If you’re posture isn’t perfect (and whose is?) sooner or later you’re going to get some discomfort in your neck, shoulders or back.

If you want to know why, here’s one reason… Forbes Magazine has the article “How Texting Can Give You A Permanent Pain In The Neck.” So straighten up, everyone!

Want to be healthier and pain free longer? Do these stretches at least 3 times a day. (You can even do them on a plane or in the car.)

  1. Release your neck and shoulders. Sit straight. Inhale and squeeze your shoulders up toward your ears. Hold tightly for several seconds and relax as you exhale. Repeat.

  2. Relieve back pain. Sit with your back straight. Pull your right knee toward you. Hold for 10 seconds. Release. Switch legs and repeat. Do this sequence 3 times for one stretching session.

So go ahead. Take a break. Make some time to relieve all that stress and tension.

When you get back home, talk to one of our experienced therapists and try a session or two – it could make all the difference for you.

And check out our next article for more great ideas for away-from-home quick relief for your tired feet!